Data Driven Web Programming    

Western Web Publishing
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Westernville NY 13486
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Portable Sawmills

Specializing in MS Access, ORACLE and SQL Server driven applications.

   We are driven by our vision about what the web can do for business and other organizations. The web is far more than just a place to see pictures and prices of products. It provides an unparalleled means of communication, collaboration, customer tracking, data sharing, document sharing, workflow ...

   Western Web Publishing's founder developed this vision while conceiving and building an on-line program management system that helps engineers manage over 1 billion dollars of research for the US Air Force.

Western Web Publishing utilizes database technology to develop interactive web sites with:
  • On-Line Ordering
  • User Updatable Information
  • Form Processing
  • Password Protected Regions
  • Customer/Contact Management
  • Catalog Mailing Lists
  • Calendars, Schedules, Contact lists
  • Date Import/Export
  • Products
  • On-Line Calendar Tool
  • Data Query Tool for Your Database
  • Customer Data Management
  • Password Authentication
  • Services
  • Web Site Development
  • Domain Name Setup/Hosting
  • Page Optimization for Search Keywords
  • Search Engine Submission

  • Western Web Publishing can also put your existing database on the web behind secure logins and a permission structure that ensures only the right people can see or edit the data that they are supposed to.

    Making the web work for you!